Custom Car Painting


Our advanced equipment and experienced personnel can expertly apply a custom paint finish to your classic automobile.

Compared to our value paint jobs:

1. More time and effort is devoted to preparing the existing surface for new paint. A top quality super strong and durable 2K primer  is used as necessary.

2. Typically we use our premium paint line, a 2K sealer, a 2K base and clear.

Bring your car or drop by our shop to discuss your project.

A few of the cars we’ve painted for our customers:

009-2 058 IMG_1835 IMG_1932 IMG_2053 IMG_2121 IMG_2131 picture 567 picture 615

Complete Color Change 1928 Bugatti Type 37A replica:


Two Tone, 1958 Nash Metro:

007-3 009-2