Paint and used car sales

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Great looking Cars sell FAST

Planning to sell your car soon?

1. The exterior appearance forms the buyer’s first impression. Damaged paint is a turn off.

2. Start strong and finish with a sale. Bright paint with a deep vibrant color attracts a buyer, makes your car an object of desire. The buyer likes the look of your car and if you are able to follow up with a few strong points (low mileage, good mechanical condition, etc.) you’ll sell your car faster and for more money.

3. A good paint job creates a Wow response*.

4. When re-painting a car to sell it, re-paint it the original color. This saves money by avoiding the need to re-paint door jambs and other interior areas.

5. Light colors (WHITE) hide body imperfections best. If you are selling the car and don’t want to fix every ding and dent on the surface, then choosing a light color paint will help lower the overall cost and provide the best possible appearance. Most Popular Car Paint Colors.

Wow response…we see it everyday. A customer brings in a car that is mechanically sound, they’ve been driving it to work for years, but it looks like heck and ready for the junk yard. We paint it and the customer can’t believe how good it looks. Usually the paint and body repair is less than a few new car payments. Suddenly, you’re driving a car that looks great and you’re not on the hook for years of payments.


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I’m not sure it’s worth it to paint my car!

You might be right. You might end up netting a few hundred less by painting the car. Here’s my experience:

  1. I spend weeks answering the phone, showing a car that looks like awful.
  2. I keep telling people it’s in good running shape, and the exterior keeps telling them it’s a junker.
  3. I turn down a few low ball offers.
  4. I accept the first barely acceptable low offer, becasue I am loosing my mind answering the phone and showing the car to get no offer or way low offers.

For me, it’s less stressful to get a great paint job and sell the car for a more money in less time, even if the net works out to be a little less.