What is ‘Paint Ready’?
Defects in the surface (scratches, dents, etc.) repaired. Entire surface abraded, cleaned and ready to receive paint.

Can you help make arrangements for a rental car?
Yes, there is an Enterprise Car rental location about 2 miles from our shop. They can pick you up or we can give you a ride.

Why does Auto Painting AZ suggest repairing even a minor ding or dent?
If the minor ding or dent is noticeable with the old paint, it will look worse under the bright new paint.

How long does it take to paint an entire car?
Most cars are completed in 1-2 days.

If I drop my car off to get painted can I get a ride home?
Yes, if you live fairly close (1-5 miles). Most of the time it’s no problem, please call and let us know in advance if you need a ride home.

What kind of paint do you use?
AVal-Spar paint

Can I save money by just painting a portion of my car?
Perhaps, but it depends on several factors. The car still has to be masked to protect areas not being painted. It still goes in the spray booth and takes up time and booth capacity whether we are painting a fender or the entire car.

Why do you do charge so little for your paint jobs?
Our premium paint is the very best paint chemistry produced in America. It will last for years and your car will look great. We have lower prices because:

  1. We have created a system using advanced technology designed to construct a new coating on the surface of most vehicles efficiently, lower labor costs, improved quality, and faster service are a natural result of this system.
  2. Low overhead. We don’t have managers supervising mangers watching workers (everyday our boss is working in the shop and assisting customers)
  3. We do NOT spend millions on gimmicky TV advertising.

2K, what is it?
2K means 2 component. Early R&D on 2 component paint (or more properly ‘coating’) was conducted in Germany in the 1930’s.

“K” is an abbreviation for the German word Komponente, so a 2K paint is a paint that has 2 seperate components that must be stored seperately and mixed together just prior to spraying (application).

Modern Automotive Paint used by major car manufacturers is 2K PUR, that is…2 Component Polyurethane. This is the best available coating chemistry for automotive application. The brand of paint, PPG, House of Kolor is not determinative of the coating chemistry. Choosing a paint for your car based on brand alone is not a well informed decision.

For the best durability and performance use 2K PUR paint.

Our main source of new customers comes from past customers referring others to our shop.

Your satisfaction is our top priority.