Earl Scheib Car Painting

Our Super Gloss Car Painting Offer provides:

3 Distinct Layers using a 10 step process.
Clean Exterior and De-wax.
Machine Vacuum Sand the surface of your vehicle.
Repair most Scratches and some Dings.
Layer 1: Spray 2K Sealer.
Layer 2: Spray 2K Base Coat (any color, most metallics, some pearls).
Layer 3: Spray 2K Clear Coat (High Solids).


* We use Axalta paint.
* Package Prices are for Exterior Paint only.
* Your vehicle will be painted in a full downdraft spray booth, by a professional painter with more than 20 years experience.

Auto Painting AZ – Affordable Quality Paint Service by a local business with skilled craftsman!

We carefully designed the process used to prepare and apply new paint to your vehicle. Our lower costs result from a highly specialized and efficient system.

  1. We use high quality, durable paint produced in the United States by Axalta.
  2. Our facility has ‘state of the art’ modern equipment, ranging from onsite computerized color mixing, full downdraft spray booth, helical screw air compressors, to 20,000 lb vehicle turntables.
  3. All of our staff members are highly trained and experienced in the automotive refinish industry.


Earl Scheib


Earl Scheib delivered very low prices by:

At Earl Scheib, low price and was the main objective. Paint as many cars as fast as possible.

Auto Painting AZ is different. Low prices are a natural result of our highly efficient system, we constantly strive to eliminate delay and waste in the auto painting process.


Have you seen businesses advertising themselves as Earl Scheib?

  • Some small body shops operate under the name Earl Scheib.
  • They are exploiting the name recognition of Earl Scheib and are not operated or supervised by what was a national chain of body shops.
  • Since the national company no longer exists, it cannot buy in large volumes and offer discounts on paint. Other techniques must be employed to cut costs.