Custom Auto Paint in Phoenix, AZ

Buying a used car often means you need to purchase a car that doesn’t look exactly the way you were hoping. Even when buying new, sometimes manufacturer doesn’t offer the model you want in the color you want. Do you have to settle for a vehicle that is less than exactly-right? No Way! You can take your car, truck, or SUV to Auto Painting USA for a custom auto paint.

Compared to our value paint jobs, more time and effort is devoted to preparing the existing surface for new paint. A top-quality, super strong and durable 2K primer by Val-Spar is used if necessary. We typically use our premium paint line, a 2K sealer, a 2K base/clear produced by Val-Spar.

Quite often, people in the Phoenix area bring classic cars to us that they are in the process of rejuvenating. Our advanced equipment and experienced personnel can expertly apply a custom paint finish to your classic automobile, giving you either the appearance of the vintage care when it was brand new or making it look completely custom. Most custom paint work on older classic vehicles costs between $5000-$10,000, but our custom paint service starts at $3,500!. You can view just a few of the paint work we have done on classic cars like this in recent years.

Bring in your car to our shop to discuss your project. We’d love to hear about it! We get the details right from the beginning to the end of the job, so we’re worth the drive from wherever you are! You can also call (480) 719-0277 and speak to one of our painting experts directly, or fill out the contact form on this page and we will contact you back shortly.

Hi Alejandra,

We no longer use Axalta paint, we have switched to Val-Spar paint

Our custom paint service (not a paint ‘package’) starts at $3500 and goes up from there (typically $5000-$10,000). We do NOT want to lead classic car owners to believe that $3000 gets their car restored, as this is NOT possible.

We have the skills to restore classics, that should be reassuring to someone wanting a straightforward paint job on their Camry.

We have NEVER painted a car that someone bought new at a dealership, I just don’t think it happens. Please remove the phrase exactly-right.