Consumer Alert!

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Checking Prices?

A Base/Clear paint job is NOT the same as a single stage paint job with an integrated clear.

If you see the words “Integrated Clear” or “IC” watch out and remember an “Integrated Clear” is not the same as a clear coat.

All major automobile manufacturers use a base/clear polyurethane paint system.

No major car manufacturers selling cars in the US paint their cars with a single stage paint, or a single stage paint with an integrated clear.

A single stage paint with an integrated clear is not as durable and does not deliver the same level of gloss as a polyurethane base coat/clear coat system.

Why would competitors attempt to confuse a price estimate for a single stage paint job with integrated clear to a price estimate for a Base/Clear paint job? Money!

Our giant and well known competitor cannot match our low prices on Base/Clear paint jobs.

Don’t be a victim!

Don’t let this happen to you:

1. You take our price estimate for a base/clear paint job to Mega Paint Competitor down the street.
2. They give an estmate for a few bucks (less than $50) under our estimate, but instead of a base/clear paint job they give you a single stage paint with integrated clear.
3. If you realize they are pulling a fast one and ask them for a base/clear price, it comes out to $1000 or more above our estimate.

Don’t be fooled. Watch out for some salesman trying to confuse you by saying “Our paint has a clear!”

What does the term ‘Integrated Clear’ or ‘Urethane IC’ mean?

A small amount of transparent liquid is mixed into a batch of single stage paint. Some guy dumping a few ounces of transparent liquid into a paint mix cup does not transform a single stage paint job into anything comparable to a base/clear paint job.

How in the world does Auto Painting USA offer lower prices than the well known Mega Paint Company?

We spend our customer’s money on paint and skilled craftsman.

Some expenses we don’t have:

Mega Paint Company was purchased recently. The interest payment on the loan used to purchase Mega Paint Company is over $50 million per year! That’s customer money that doesn’t go to buy quality paint, it goes to a Wall Street Banker.

Mega Paint Company has lots of executives in fancy buildings and they earn fat paychecks.

Mega Paint Company throws a giant party for the top guys every year at a fancy vacation spot.

Mega Paint Company has lots of expensive TV advertising.

We beat their prices because we don’t have these expenses. Our top guys work at the shops! We didn’t borrow over $500 million to buy a company, we built it from the ground up! We don’t have a big building full of well paid ‘executives’ pushing paper. We don’t send our top people on all expense paid holidays each year.

We are regular people and we paint cars!

Good service and great prices. Auto Painting USA.