Super Gloss Offer

Our Super Gloss Car Painting Offer provides:

3 Distinct Layers using a 10 step process.
Clean Exterior and De-wax.
Machine Vacuum Sand the surface of your vehicle.
Repair most Scratches and some Dings.
Layer 1: Spray 2K Sealer.
Layer 2: Spray 2K Base Coat (any color, most metallics, some pearls).
Layer 3: Spray 2K Clear Coat (High Solids).


* We use Val-Spar paint.
* Package Prices are for Exterior Paint only.
* Your vehicle will be painted in a full downdraft spray booth, by a professional painter with more than 20 years experience.

Plus, Get Free Loaner Car While We Paint!

Complimentary Hertz rental car for 3 days.


Other Big Paint Companies

Out of each dollar you spend with big paint franchises, they pay for:

  1. National TV Ads  – To drive more customers to their business.
  2. Corporate Executives with million dollar salaries  – Their hands don’t touch your car.
  3. Franchise Fees – pays for the high rise headquarters on the East Coast.
  4. Interest on the loans that were made to acquire these big paint franchises.
  5. Lavish Meetings for hundreds of  franchisees to party each year.

Big Paint Franchises

How much is left over for the paint that goes on your car and the people that actually apply it? At Auto Painting AZ we don’t have any of these ‘expenses’.

We use your money for:

1. High Quality Paint.
2. Modern equipment.
3. Dedicated craftsman.