About car painting, Article 4

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How many millionaires does your paint job have to support?

Our ‘executives’ work in the shop and meet with customers every business day. The money you spend to paint your car isn’t siphoned off to pay some far away rich guy that you’ll never meet and could care less how your car comes out.

We offer low prices on excellent paint jobs. The money you pay us, we use to:

1. Buy the best quality paint produced in America.
2. Pay skilled craftsman with years of experience (minimum 5 years and several have more than 20 years).
3. Invest in the most productive tools and technology to prep and paint your vehicle.

We don’t spend money on:

1. Big Wig executives to sit in a high rise building on the East Coast and dream up ways to get more money out of every customer while providing the minimum possible amount of service.
2. National ad campaigns.
3. Maintaining a full time sales organization, hundreds of well paid salesman, whose job it is to convince unemployed middle age corporate managers that, even though they no nothing about automotive painting, they can open a shop and start painting cars.

Use your hard earned money to buy great quality paint and skilled craftsman, not tv ads, not overpaid wall street executives.