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Lowering prices and Increasing Quality – How Auto Painting USA does it

Common sense. Simple, but powerful ideas:

Work Flow – When a customer’s car enters our facility it travels the smallest possible distance. It moves directly from one station to the next. Where possible we automate the movement. Our customers don’t pay for personnel to shuttle cars back and forth between a work station and a waiting area.

Can that really save significant money? A few minutes to reposition a car, how can it matter? We eliminate the need to have a person standing around waiting to move cars. An employee dedicated to moving cars might only spend an hour or so of his actual time behind the wheel, but he still collects a pay check for the entire time he’s present. Who pays? Unfortunately in most shops, the customer shoulders the burden of this type of non productive, built in overhead expense.

We’ve engineered automated vehicle turntables and rail transport systems to move cars safely and efficiently through the facility.

Our customers pay for paint and craftsmen to apply it. Not fancy TV ads and high rise franchise headquarter buildings filled with indifferent bureaucrats in far away cities.

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